Tracking Link Attribution Manual – Singular

  • You can use this manual to start tracking app installations through Indus App Bazaar using Singular tracking link. Singular is an attribution platform which combines campaign data and attribution data in a single dashboard.

    Create tracking link for SamsungGalaxyStore_IndusAppBazaar and IndusOS

    Link Format

    The basic format of a tracking link to be used with the Singular attribution service is as follows:[link_id]&h=[link_hash]


    Using the “Create Link” Page

    The Singular app provides a page where you can enter the information you want to include in the tracking link, and have the link generated automatically with the appropriate parameters and macros.

    1. Go to Attribution > Create Link.
    2. Select the AppSite, and Destination URL (if you are missing a site or destination URL in the drop-down lists, refer to the Apps screen to update the missing data). You can give your Google Playstore URL as Destination URL.
    3. In Deep-link Destination URL , select ‘No Deeplink
    4. To run promotions on Samsung Galaxy Store, powered by Indus App Bazaar , please select ‘SamsungGalaxyStore_IndusAppBazaar‘ as ‘Partner
      To run promotions on Indian OEM devices through Indus App Bazaar, please select ‘IndusOS‘ as ‘Partner
    5. Enter the Campaign Name and select Generate Link.
    6. Your tracking link is ready. Copy the link using the Copy button.
    7. Share this tracking link with Indus App Bazaar team.

    Please note that we will not be using URL as it is.
    We will append '&redirect=false' parameter to this URL and fire it when user clicks 'Install' button on our store.