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A Real Portal Leading You to an Exciting Future of Your App.

  • 20 Aug 2020
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Yes, a portal like that exists and we are talking about the developers’ portal of Indus App Bazaar.

India’s Largest Indigenous App Store, which is now also powering Samsung Galaxy Store.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or creating your first Android app, Indus App Bazaar gets you started easy and quick. It gives you the push that every app developer needs.  It’s an easy self-publishing portal where developers can simply create an account and upload their app or other collaterals in easy steps.

Developers can easily get insights around

App Installs & Uninstalls

Retention Rate

Device Distribution

API Integration for Updates

Developers can securely and quickly gain access to the tools and information
they need to explore, test, and consume APIs.
 These features are available for all developers or publishers for their organic
growth that too without spending a single penny.
We don’t need to compete with other app stores as what we have is unique,
Indigenous and yes it’s FREE!
What’s so different and what’s new you ask?
Hard Working People Get Results.
Its an easy self-publishing portal. The developers can simply create an account
and upload their app/ other collaterals in easy steps. and get insights around app
installs, uninstalls, retention rate, device distribution and API integration for easy
updates. These features are available for all developers (publishers, for organic
growth, without spending any money)
We have added features to the Indus App Bazaar Developers’ Portal that make
the platform stronger, faster, and more useful to the developers.
We have designed the portal’s experience, so you can better manage
engagement on your campaigns and connect with more customers.

Welcome to a brand new experience

With a unique and discrete tab for your campaigns, you can gain additional in-depth insights into the user installs and engagement.

Download source distribution

Get a daily analysis of user acquisition on the basis of the download source such as Galaxy Store, Discover, and others


Administer the number of users updating your app during the campaign with the daily analysis provided on the platform

Region-based download

Manage your campaign successfully with distribution analysis based on the location specific(state/city)downloads

Peak volume

Analyze the time of the day at which the user engages with your app for finer governance of the campaign

Enjoy a hassle-free experience while updating your app through the user-friendly API

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