Prisma is the world's first growth and monetization platform for OEMs and powers the Indus App Bazaar, and other OEM channels. It caters to the unique requirements of the OEMs and helps maximize the revenue for publishers. As a Supply Side Platform for advertisers, Prisma exposes a set of APIs that can be used to present ad creatives to a user and helps maximize the revenue for publishers through user impressions and clicks.


Placement Optimization

Prisma is capable of optimizing the placements uniquely to all the OEMs. It can, therefore, cater to the Indus App Bazaar-powered OEM’s flagship app store, on-device app recommendation service, and more.

Revenue Enhancement

High volume impressions and prioritizing the campaigns based on various factors boosts the efficiency of ad campaigns and provides better user engagement, thereby improving the monetization curve for the OEMs.


Artificial intelligence-powered algorithms evaluate users based on their behaviour, demographic data, geolocation, device model, OS version, and other attributes to determine which ad should be shown to a particular user. This increases the ad relevance for the users, and hence, enhances their experience.

Smart User Targeting

Artificial intelligence-powered algorithms create user personas based on their behavior, demographic data, geo-location, and other attributes to show relevant ads to the users / to find relevant audiences for a campaign. This helps in meeting advertiser’s KPI needs and acquire quality users.




Advanced targeting to reach specific audience


Higher engagement with enhanced user experience


Diverse monetization avenues with effective ROI campaigns

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