Need for EASE: An enhanced app store ecosystem can connect India to the world

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The biggest problem in India is that a major part of the country’s vast population still doesn’t understand English and hence find it a barrier to search and discover content on their smartphones

Commuters use their mobile phones as they wait at a bus stop in Mumbai.  (Reuters)


With increasing digitisation across every domain, we are certainly transforming into an app-driven economy. Today, we are used to performing various routine activities like video conferencing, online learning, team gaming, grocery deliveries, etc. using apps on our smartphones. And undoubtedly, our reliance on these mobile-based solutions are only going to pick up pace with the evolution of technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and big data analytics, among others. But, the only concern for businesses is, how do they widen their reach in a country as diverse as India, where each of its states speak a totally different language?



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