Voice & Language will be the biggest tech trend of the future – Suniva Rawat

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About the speaker

Suniva Rawat is the AVP Marketing at Indus OS. She leads marketing for Indus OS and is responsible for the entire outreach and communication strategy for the company. Suniva plays a pivotal role in both public relations as well as product marketing. While also handling event management and digital strategy for the company. She is also responsible for the content curation for Indus App Bazaar. During an interaction with TheTechPod – “Voice & Language will be the biggest tech trend of the future”, says Suniva Rawat.

Prior to joining Indus OS, Suniva worked in multiple startups as well as an advertising agency. To gain an eclectic mix of experience. Apart from her engineering and MBA degrees, she is also a trained animal groomer. And, helps various animal welfare organizations as a volunteer.

About the company

Founded in 2015, Indus OS was founded by IITians, Rakesh Deshmukh, Akash Dongre, and Sudhir Bangarambandi. The company is known to make innovative products like Indus App Bazaar (an Android App Store). Which serves over 100 million users. Available in 13 languages, it houses over 400,000 apps. The core aim of Indus App Bazaar is to democratize the use of mobile applications for the world starting with India with an enhanced app store ecosystem (EASE).

Indus OS is a home-grown mobile platform that enables content and app discovery for users, app developers, and OEMs. Indus OS aims to shoulder India into a new digital age. By bridging the barriers between app developers and smartphone users. And offering a personalized mobile experience.

In an interaction with Rohit Sardana, Suniva Rawat speaks about the future of marketing technology in India. Also, Rohit Sardana is the Editor-in-Chief at TheTechPod and Co-founder of IncubateIND. Let’s hear the complete podcast. Also, understand – “Voice & Language will be the biggest tech trend of the future – Suniva Rawat”.

Source: https://thetechpod.com/interview/voice-language-will-be-the-biggest-tech-trend-of-the-future/

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