CashBook explores new frontiers with Indus App Bazaar

Indus App

The cash accounting app for small businesses is collaborating with India’s largest indigenous app store, Indus App Bazaar to reach more users.

CashBook is aimed at helping small business owners record their income and expenses in a simple and effective way through its mobile application. The app is simple to use and helps save time and improves profits for businesses.

The app can also be used by anyone who is in the habit of maintaining their expenses. The CashBook app currently boasts over 1 million users.

The move comes at a time when more and more users are adopting digital means to use services. Seeing this digital adoption, many businesses are focusing on building and improving their mobile applications.

According to the co-founder of CashBook, Vivek Kumar“Small businesses across India have been upgrading to digital apps in the last few years. This trend has further accelerated in the wake of the pandemic. In that context, Indus App Bazaar has helped us reach new audiences – especially the new-to-digital audiences. Also, the fact that Indus App Bazaar offers additional context around the app ensures quality acquisitions.”

Indus App Bazaar has been helping apps to reach new audiences for the past several years. With their language localization services, which include app translation into 12 regional languages, and their user base of 200 million users, many apps like CashBook have realized the need for an app store that understands the Indian context.

The importance of alternative app distribution channels like Indus App Bazaar cannot be overstated. For starters, an alternative distribution channel helps break new ground in terms of user acquisition, especially among the new-to-digital audiences. Moreover, an alternative app store loosens the grip that dominant firms hold over the market. A new player in the market can offer respite from any restrictive policies that big tech firms impose.

Thus, app stores like Indus App Bazaar need to be nurtured and promoted to bring fairness to both developers and users.

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