Indus One

The platform offers a personalized and seamless experience to the users to enhance the discovery of apps and content and drive optimum engagement.


Indus Launcher

A built-in UI layer with additional capabilities and seamless integration enabling users to discover and consume content.


Device Search

Smart search with an in-house algorithm and auto suggestions that delivers the most relevant results across apps, files, contacts, and messages.

Smart Folders

An automatic AI-based folder creation capability that allows users to efficiently manage apps by type and category

Live App Placements

Fresh and trending app recommendations on the home screen with an option to download apps immediately without going to the app store.

Minus One

One-touch access to weather updates, trending news, personalized and popular websites, and top games with a powerful recommendation engine.


  • Easy and intuitive access to apps and content
  • Additional smart capabilities to enhance the Android experience
  • Personalized content, based on previous activity, location, and interests
  • Simplified search and auto-recommendations
  • Tailored solutions and built-in enhancements
  • Seamless UI integration for an evolved device experience
  • Amplify customer engagement at optimal touchpoints
  • Opportunities to leverage user impressions across the UI layer
  • Increased app download potential
  • Timely multimedia communication about promotions through several touchpoints