How Indus App Bazaar is hyper-localizing mobile apps with Indic languages: Interview with Rakesh Deshmukh

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India has only about 2% of the landmass on Earth, but it accommodates nearly one-fifth of the world’s population. The massive population makes it one of the world’s largest consumers of electronics and especially, mobile phones. India’s mobile phone penetration stands at about 90% of the population. On top of that, affordable smartphones and incentives in the form of inexpensive 4G data have propelled the number of smartphone users in the country to a whopping 500 million and the figure is poised to cross 850 million by 2022. Attracted by the opportunities in India’s smartphone market, smartphone manufacturers and software juggernauts have also been driven to the market like bees to honey. While India is one of the most prosperous markets for smartphone manufacturers, the software market still remains nascent due to diversity when it comes to the written and spoken languages in the country.


English is often associated with technology as the primary language. Major platforms use English as it is the world’s second most spoken language, coming after Mandarin Chinese. From a global purview, the use of English as the default language for communication allows us to connect with different people across the world, generally speaking.



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