Frequently Asked Questions

Is Indus App Bazaar an Indian app store?

Indus App Bazaar is the first Indian app store based on Android. It provides an inclusive and finer user experience to the users and ensures improved and enhanced user privacy and security. It is available in 12 Indian languages to allow users to discover and download apps seamlessly.

How can I download this Indian App Store?

Indus App Bazaar will soon be available for all Android users to download directly on their smartphones.

How can I download this Indian App Store?

Localized app stores go beyond just providing content in Indic languages; they also involve understanding the cultural and regional aspects of the user experience. Indus App Bazaar is dedicated to delivering a truly localized experience that takes into account the complexities and nuances of India. The app is available in 12 Indian languages and English, making it accessible to a wider range of users, including those who may not be fluent in English. The app also provides tailored app recommendations based on the users' interests and demographics, ensuring that users have access to the most relevant and useful apps for their needs. Additionally, all content, whether in an image or video format, is available in the users' preferred language, providing a comprehensive and inclusive user experience.

Does Indus App Bazaar have its own Monetization Platform?

Yes Indus App Bazaar has its own monetization platform, Prisma. It is the world's first growth and monetization platform for OEMs and currently powers Indus App Bazaar.

How does Indus App Bazaar give personalized app store recommendations?

Personalised app store recommendations are used to provide users with highly relevant apps which they would prefer or are more likely to download. Indus App Bazaar leverages the power of AI and ML to create user personas to uniquely target its users and give them the best personalised app recommendations.

How to publish an app for free on the Indus App Bazaar?

Indus App Bazaar allows developers to upload their application for free through its very own developer portal for free. Here's a quick tutorial to assist you with onboarding your app on our platform: