The Weekly News Wr(App) – PhonePe allows users to activate UPI through Aadhar Card, Chingari announces monetization plan, and Koo, WhatsApp and Snapchat launches new features

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Android TV will support App Bundles (AAB) from 2023

Reducing app size by 20% and save space, Google announced that Android App Bundles (AABs) will be the standard for Android TV from May 2023. Developers will be required to switch their TV app format in the given time, otherwise their app will be hidden from search. 


PhonePe's big E- commerce bet, India top nation for app development, VLC banned

PhonePe users can now activate UPI through Aadhar card

PhonePe being the first UPI Third Party Application Provider (TPAP) to allow users to activate their UPI by doing an Aadhar-based OTP Authentication. However to use this feature, it is mandatory for Aadhar to be linked with the bank account and mobile number. Earlier the users had to enter their debit card details. This acted as a barrier for users who did not have a debit card. 


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Koo becomes the second-largest microblogging platform, launches new features to attract more users

Koo announced that it has become the second-largest microblogging platform in the world, positioned just after Twitter, crossing 50Mn+ downloads. It is the only Indian microblog competing with other global microblogging platforms such as Gettr, Truth Social, Mastodon, etc. 

Koo is also set to launch unique features to give a more seamless experience and shift users from Twitter. Some features include scheduling a Koo for the future, saving drafts, editing functionality, up to 10 image uploads, longer video uploads, and voluntary self-verification. Koo is also the first microblogging platform to enable users to upload up to 10 profile pictures.


Meta focuses on WhatsApp, introduces new features yet again

WhatsApp announces 3 more new features to be launched in the last 2 weeks including the launch screen lock feature for the desktop version app, a search feature for users to easily search for businesses, and a companion mode (for select beta users) that allows users to simultaneously use two different devices with one WhatsApp account and phone number. This comes right after the announcement of the new ‘Do not disturb’ feature that is currently in beta testing. 


Snapchat introduces new features for FIFA World Cup 2022

Social media app, Snapchat has introduced engaging new features and user experiences to engage audiences in FIFA World Cup 2022. Users can now check out highlights of the matches and watch behind-the-scenes content on Snapchat Discover. They can also try on their favorite team’s jerseys, and overlay their favorite team’s colors and badges on their faces through the Live Football Kit lenses using AR ML. The app features lenses that display virtual scores that are updated in real-time.


Chingari announces monetization plan for creators with subscriptions starting from Rs 20

Under its Gari mining program, Chingari creators and users get GARI (Crypto token) for doing activities like liking, commenting, watching sharing, and uploading videos. These subscription plans will enable the users to double their earnings collected through this program and allow reward withdrawal directly into their accounts. It has three types of plans on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for Rs 20, Rs 100, and Rs 300, respectively.



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