Weekly News Wrapp: India to Develop 5G Labs, Biden Admin Accuses Google & Apple Of Stifling Competition, Spotify Expands Third-Party Billing and more.

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  • The Indian government plans to establish 100 labs for 5G app development and to foster a pool of specialized tech talent. 
  • The Biden administration has accused Apple and Google’s app stores of stifling competition and limiting consumer choice. 
  • Baidu is reportedly planning to launch a chatbot similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 with AI
  • Spotify has expanded its third-party billing option to over 140 global markets, offering users more payment options. 
  • WhatsApp is testing a “document banner” feature for Android beta users that allows for previewing documents in a pop-up instead of opening a separate window. 
  • Twitter is developing a payment feature aimed at increasing user engagement and revenue.

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Budget 2023: 100 Labs to Develop 5G Apps, Boost Specialized Tech Talent in India

The Indian government has announced its plans to establish 100 labs across the country in order to create 5G applications. The move is aimed at fostering a new pool of specialized tech talent in India and will be part of the government’s budget for 2023. The labs will serve as innovation hubs for developers and entrepreneurs, providing them with access to cutting-edge technology and resources to develop 5G apps and solutions. The government hopes that this initiative will position India as a leader in 5G technology and contribute to the growth of the country’s tech industry.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/3YplWpR

Google, Apple

Biden Administration Accuses Apple and Google of Stifling Competition with their App Stores

The Biden administration has expressed concern over the practices of Apple and Google’s app stores, stating that they are stifling competition. The administration claims that the app stores’ strict control over app distribution and revenue sharing is hindering innovation and limiting consumer choice. The statement comes as the U.S. government is reportedly considering potential antitrust action against tech companies, including Apple and Google. The issue is expected to be a key focus for the Biden administration as it continues to review the power and influence of technology giants in the market.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/40An8sC

Baidu, AI

Baidu to Launch its Own Chatbot Similar to OpenAI’s GPT-style Model

Baidu, the Chinese technology company, is reportedly planning to launch a bot similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3, according to Livemint. The bot, which will use artificial intelligence and natural language processing, is expected to offer a range of services. The move is seen as an effort by Baidu to expand its AI capabilities and stay competitive in the rapidly growing field. No official launch date for the bot has been announced.

Read more here: bit.ly/3RDNohp

Spotify Logo

Spotify’s Third-Party Billing Option Expands to 140+ Global Markets

Spotify has now expanded its third-party billing option to over 140 global markets. This allows users to pay for their subscriptions through a variety of payment methods. This expansion will provide greater flexibility and convenience for users who do not have access to traditional payment methods. However, Spotify has not published the list of countries yet. 

Read more here: http://bit.ly/3jua1sf

Whatsapp Logo

WhatsApp Tests Document Banner Feature for Android Users

WhatsApp has started testing a new “document banner” feature for Android beta users. This feature allows users to view document previews in a pop-up banner instead of opening them in a separate window. The document banner feature will provide users with a more streamlined and convenient experience accessing documents within the app. The feature is currently being tested and its wider availability is yet to be confirmed.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/3HDdcpg

Twitter Logo

Twitter Develops Payments Feature for its Platform

Twitter is working on a payments feature, according to Moneycontrol. The feature will allow users to send and receive money through the platform and will be integrated with existing payment systems. The move is seen as an effort by Twitter to increase user engagement and revenue and is in line with similar initiatives from other social media companies. No official launch date for the feature has been announced.

Read more here: bit.ly/3Y643Nf

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