Top 5 Super Tamil Apps Available on Indus App Bazaar

Tamil Apps Available

Tamil is one of the 7 classical languages recognized by the Indian Government. The language has been around for a long time, 5000 years according to historians.

Apart from being the official language of Tamil Nadu, Tamil is also spoken in the Union Territory of Puducherry, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. Countries like Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, and South Africa also have a large Tamil-speaking population.

So for such a global language, what are the popular apps? We’ve compiled a list of 5 Tamil apps that you’ll like, that are available on Indus App Bazaar:

1. Nithra Jobs Search Tamilnadu

Are you based out of TamilNadu and looking for a relevant job? Try Nithra Jobs Search Tamilnadu. It bridges the gap between job seekers and recruiters to reach people from many parts of TamilNadu by notifying them of the latest job openings in different private, state, and central government jobs. Also, this app helps users find work based on their skills, qualifications, and location.  

Download the app by clicking here.


TamilShaadi is one of the most trusted matrimonial services. It has a smooth signup process, and you can also apply filters to sort your choices according to your preferences. The app provides access to features like controlling your privacy settings, finding new matches by waving your phone, getting instant match and chat notifications,  and Instant Messenger. It also has great offers on premium memberships for you.

Download the app by clicking here.

3. Tamil News App – Tamil Samayam

Tamil Samayam is the best platform to keep you updated with the latest news in Tamil Nadu, India, and the world news. You’ll also get timely Tamil movie updates, sports news, and more. It has 18 different categories to navigate and notifies users of the latest updates.

Download the app by clicking here.

4. ShareChat

ShareChat enables users to share their own chat rooms, posters, creative content, and hashtags; users can also create videos using share chat face filters and 300+ emojis. ShareChat features are available in 15 Indian languages, which is a big step towards app localization. The popular app has crossed over 100,000,000+ installs.

Download the app by clicking here.

5. English To Tamil Language Translator

English to Tamil Language Translator helps translate text or speech in a fraction of a second. You can also scan the image and translate the text from English to Tamil or English with ease and accuracy.

Download the app by clicking here.

We love and celebrate Tamil! Watch our video to learn more.

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