Top 5 Hindi Apps Available On One Of India’s best Localised App Stores

"Top 5 Hindi Apps Available On Indus App Bazaar "

India celebrates September 14th as Hindi Diwas every year.

It’s quite the global language, ranking as the 3rd most spoken language in the world with 615 million speakers globally.

If Hindi is your mother tongue and you’re looking for popular mobile apps to use, check out this comprehensive list of apps, all available on Indus App Bazaar.

1. Kundli In Hindi

Want valuable horoscope predictions and remedies? Kundli in Hindi brings you the facility to check Dasa, bhava, transit predictions, and Kuja doshas and get treatments and recommendations to overcome the obstacles in life. You can access the application for free horoscope analysis. The app is quite popular and has crossed over 100,000+ installs.

Download the app by clicking here.


Love listening to podcasts? Awaaz has got you covered. It has over 1700 hours of high-quality audio content and more than 12000 text articles, all for free.

Awaaz is the largest spoken-word audio and podcast network in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, and English.

It caters to various genres such as comedy, fiction and motivational, devotional (bhakti), business, lifestyle, stories, poetry, music, cricket, Bollywood, entertainment, etc. You can also tune into live show audio and participate in audio contests and games.

Download the app by clicking here.

3. Hindi Kids Learning Alphabets

The Hindi Kids Learning Alphabets app is a great way to get your children to start learning Hindi.

This app has different categories to choose from, and it also helps children practice writing on it by tracing the letter. There are fun games for kids to identify the pictures/words and memory games. It teaches with the picture/words having sounds to know how to pronounce. It has crossed over 1,000,000+ installs.

Download the app by clicking here.

4. Hindi Recipes

Think of your plate filled with colourful, delicious, and mouth-watering food. Sounds tempting, right? To learn all these recipes, check out Hindi Recipes’ mobile app. It has recipes across the entire country. It has a total of 18 categories to choose from. The best part is that you can also navigate the app offline for free. It has crossed over 1,000,000+ installs.

Download the app by clicking here.

5. Hindi Pride Hindi Editor

Are you looking for an editing app that can help you convert English to Hindi? Try Hindi Editor. It’s a transliteration app that uses an English keyboard and converts your English to Hindi automatically once you hit the space button. It is a free, reliable IME (input method editor) that has crossed over 100,000+ installs.

Download the app by clicking here.

We love and celebrate Hindi! Watch our video to learn more.

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