The Weekly News Wr(app): U-turn from Google, Dating Apps Most Searched in 2022, Twitter Brings Spaces for Super Followers

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There was a major about-turn from Google regarding the Match Group case. We wonder why that’s the case. Why are such big developers getting concessions when it should be everyone benefitting from Google’s apparent benevolence.

In less somber news, WhatsApp is helping you make group exits inconspicuous.

Check out all our news in the latest Weekly News Wr(app):

1. U-turn from Google as it gives concessions to Match Group

Last week we brought news that the owners of Tinder filed a lawsuit against Google for their monopolistic practices. The 'practices' being not permitting Match Group to allow alternative in-app payment methods.

Now, Google and Match Group have apparently arrived at a consensus, that led to the latter rescinding the lawsuit.

According to Match, the concessions include assurances from Google that they won’t be booted out of the Play Store for allowing its customers to use alternative in-app payment methods. A final decision on the issue is set to be concluded in court in April 2023.

It’s not clear why Google allowed such concessions in the first place. It sounds similar to Google allowing big developers like Spotify the chance to integrate third-party payments in its apps.

Why Google doesn’t extend this olive branch to everyone is a mystery. It’s possibly their way of maintaining their empire and keeping its big-ticket clients still onboard.



2. Dating apps revealed as the most searched apps in 2022

Since we’ve reached the halfway point of 2022, Mozillion decided to conduct research on what were the most searched apps from the end of 2021 till now.

And what did they find? Dating apps were on top of the list.

It’s no surprise that people looking to connect and find love. More power to you. But guess what ranked second in the findings? Trading apps. Like stocks and equities, etc. According to the report, many Gen Z users are gaining interest in investing in the stock markets.

Looking at India, there are several apps like Groww, smallcase, Zerodha, etc. that have helped make investments accessible and appealing to Indians.

Other app categories like music, gaming, photo editing, etc. also made an appearance high up on the list.


U-turn from Google, Dating Apps Most Searched in 2022, Twitter Brings Spaces for Super Followers

3. Mobile in-game advertising set to reach $5.29 billion

According to data from Consumer Acquisition, 62% of users install games within a week of getting a new mobile phone. 43% of time on mobile devices is attributed to gaming apps.

This has led to a phenomenal rise in mobile in-game advertising revenue, which they predict to reach $5.29 billion.

One of the strategies that game developers are using is rewarded videos. This is a type of ad where a user gets a reward for watching the ad. The reward is usually a retailer discount of sorts. And 77% of users are happy to watch an ad if it comes with a prize in the end.

When developers combined rewarded videos and offerwalls (another type of app monetization strategy through ads), they recorded a 114% increase in revenue. Mind-blowing numbers indeed.


4. Twitter introduces Spaces for Super Followers

If you’re dying to interact with one of your favorite Twitter personalities, the microblogging platform has made it possible for you.

The new feature, called Spaces for Super Followers, will allow you exclusive access to a creator. This access comes in the form of talking. You can speak to the host directly as a Super Follower subscriber while others can only watch on.

Spaces have been a boon for creators because it’s been boosting their follower count. Especially creators who host a session at least twice a week.


5. Leaving a WhatsApp Group may soon be less awkward

Soon only you and the group admin will be aware of your exit from a group. This is the latest feature in the works by WhatsApp to probably make it less awkward for you.

As a WhatsApp user, you know that leaving a group informs everyone of your departure. This usually offends each member of the group. We don’t have data to back that claim up, we just have anecdotal evidence. In other words, we’ve experienced ourselves.

But no more. If WhatsApp follows through with this feature, there’ll be a lot of relieved users who are itching to exit those annoying groups.


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