The Weekly News Wr(app): New Developer Tool By Tenjin For Effective Data Analysis, Lio A SaaS Company Raised $5 Million In Seed Funding, Snapchat creates new Multiplayer Social Game And Other News

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Weekly News For You To Stay Updated With The App Industry

Tech giants being fined for abusing Smartphone Dominance and apps having released new features like longer content posts for Linkedin were the news highlights of last week. Here is a Weekly News Wr(app) for you:

Tenjin in collaboration with GameAnalytics, creates a new developer tool for more affordable data analysis.

Growth FullStack lets mobile publishers collect and store data to optimise their campaign activity. The new tool is enabled by a no-code ‘plug and play’ model, which means that mobile marketers no longer need to depend on in-house data engineering to unify and understand complex data sets.


Lio, a SaaS company that helps its users organize their business and personal data on mobiles, announced that it has raised $5 million in seed funding.

In India over 100 million users have come online on the mobile as their first internet device over the past year. Apps like Lio are helping bridge this large gap for mobile first data creation & management software. 


Snapchat partners with Zynga to create Revamp, a multiplayer social game exclusively on the platform with added monetization opportunities for advertisers.

Revamp also includes monetization opportunities for the game development partners and Snap, along with video advertising that includes Snap’s non-skippable, six-second Commercials ad format. These ad spaces can be made use of by other developers who may want to advertise their app.


Facebook has expanded on geographies and added new features like quizzes for more interaction and announced a Climate Misinformation grant program.

Apart from expanding to more geographies, Facebook Announced a Climate Misinformation grant program in partnership with The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and interactive climate quizzes to provide more accurate and factual information for Facebook users.


Facebook has incorporated Vimeo Create to help interactive video content

With the help of Vimeo Create, Advertisers can create video content easily and save more on advertising costs. It would be beneficial to new app developers and start-ups too.


WhatsApp for businesses and customers is being revamped by adding a local business directory to the app.

When a user clicks on the “Businesses Nearby’ button in the app, they can view and browse a listing of local businesses in-app. This gives local businesses more visibility.


UTS railway ticket booking app, Developed in-house by Indian Railways is now available in Hindi too.

By adding a regional language the app is now accessible to a broader local audience who can avail quicker ticket bookings and organised travel information.


TikTok expands on eCommerce expansion through “Community Commerce”

TikTok’s “Community Commerce” will make it easier for brands and retailers to promote their products on the app while also helping creators to generate an income through brand partnerships.


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