The Weekly News Wr(app): Google Fined By South Korea, Facebook Launches AR Glasses, MPL Joins The Unicorn Club And Other Interesting News

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Weekly News For You To Stay Updated With The App Industry

In the last week, the main highlights of the app industry news revolved around tech giants being held accountable for their way of doing business by Government authorities and app ecosystem. On the other side, the rise of innovation with apps releasing new features to serve the users better. Here is a Weekly News Wr(app) for you:

Probe finds Google India guilty of anti-competitive, unfair trade practices

The CCI panel found Google India to be guilty of stifling innovation and competition to maintain its dominance market position in search, browser (Chrome), music (YouTube), app library (Play Store), and several other key services.


South Korea Fines Google for Abusing Smartphone Dominance and asks Google to change contracts with OEMs

South Korea fined Alphabet Inc.’s Google $177 million for hampering the development of rivals to its Android operating system, sustaining a campaign targeting the U.S. search giant’s dominance in smartphone software.


E-sports and gaming app MPL becomes 2nd Indian e-gaming unicorn in fresh fundraise

Mobile Premier League (MPL) has become the 26th Indian unicorn this year and the second Indian gaming unicorn after its latest Series E round.


LinkedIn adds longer content posts for brands and companies

Now brands can leverage long-form content to more effectively engage with audiences and present their content and options using quotes, links, images and video embeds.

The tool includes call-to-action functions that marketers can use to redirect users to websites.


Canva Raises At $40 Billion Valuation, Founders Are Pledging Away Most Of Their Wealth

Canva is now one of the world’s most valuable startups after raising $200 million in new funding at a $40 billion valuation.


Solve.Care’s Care wallet launches Global Telehealth Exchange network for India

GTHE acts as a global directory of physicians worldwide for patients, and once doctors complete a strict verification process, they can set and publish their own rates, credentials, availability, and start accepting appointments from patients anywhere in the world.


IIT Bombay designs AI-based translation app to help students from linguistic minorities

Project Udaan is a donation-based project with an end-to-end ecosystem that helps in translation. The software can translate engineering textbooks and learning material in one-sixth the time it would take for a team of domain and linguistic experts to work manually.


Facebook launches AR glasses in collaboration with Ray Ban

Built into the frame is a camera that lets users record whatever is happening all around them. In this way, they can capture experiences without having to get out their phones and record.


We are seeing more retaliation from startups and developers against monopolies in the app store ecosystem. On the other hand we are also witnessing healthy competition between apps who are improving their user experience by adding new features. We hope to see such fair competition between app stores as well.

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