The Weekly News Wr(App) – Latest features by WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram, Twitter blue tick creates chaos, and Meta next in line for mass layoffs

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WhatsApp’s new ‘Do not disturb’ feature in the beta testing

WhatsApp has recently rolled out a beta version of the new feature where the users will be notified if they miss a call silenced by Do Not Disturb. This will only be visible to the call recipient 

In the missed call history section. 

The Meta-owned WhatsApp also introduced the communities feature earlier this month. You can check out more details here.


TikTok to start testing in-app shopping feature

Currently banned in India, TikTok, the top short-video app, is looking beyond content. According to a report, it has started testing an in-app shopping feature in the US market. Additionally, the platform has started hiring for positions at US-based fulfillment centers that would handle client returns and warehousing, the report said.


Schedule content for up to 75 days on Instagram

Social media managers – Rejoice! In order to support content creators and focus on messaging, Instagram will now allow scheduling posts and reels for up to 75 days. The new tool is available in the Advanced Settings section of the Instagram app. It will be rolled out to all the users in the coming week. Additionally, they are also introducing an Achievements section where after performing a certain activity, creators will be able to earn rewards. 


Fake “verified” accounts lead to confusion on Twitter

In another week of the Twitter fiasco, a wave of fake verified accounts has created confusion on Twitter. Accounts impersonating politicians, celebrities, major organizations, and businesses started appearing on the platform on Thursday. This comes after the ‘Pay-to-get-blue-tick’ feature goes live. The chaos got out of hand when the stock price of the big pharma company Eli Lilly suffered a loss of $15 bn after a fake tweet from a “verified” account posed as the firm, announcing ‘free insulin’. 


Meta to layoff 11000 employees

Marking as the most significant layoff in the company’s history, Meta announces to cut 11000 jobs in the coming time. Earlier the company in its second quarterly revenue decline said that its profit was cut in half from the previous year. This news comes amid the layoffs of other tech giants like Twitter, Amazon, etc. as a result of high inflation and fear of looming recession. 



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