The Weekly News Wr(app): Google’s In-app Billing System To Be Curbed By South Korean Law Makers,LinkedIn Introduces Video Calling, Disney Plus Reaches 116 Million Subscribers And Other News


Weekly News For You To Stay Updated With The App Industry

In the last week, the main highlights of the app industry news revolved around how major monopolies are seeing resistance from marketers and app developers and major acquisitions by the larger companies. Here is a Weekly News Wr(app) for you:


(LEAD) Lawmakers push ahead with legislation to curb Google's in-app billing system

South Korean lawmakers decided Tuesday to press forward with legislation that restricts app market operators from wielding their dominance in determining how digital goods payments are processed in a move widely seen as reigning in global tech giants such as Google and Apple Inc.


India's leading education app, Liso, makes education affordable for all

Due to financial problems and low-income family backgrounds, many intelligent and capable individuals from various Indian states are unable to take admission to good coaching institutes. Educational apps such as the Liso app make education affordable for all.


LinkedIn adds video calling to its app

The option is part of its messaging functionality in the app and allows users to chat with one another via video calls without having to use a third-party app.


Disney Plus reaches 116 million subscribers, gaining on Netflix

Even though it is still 93 million subscribers behind Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar has all of the momenta on its side.

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WhatsApp to allow users to switch OS with chat history

Swipe Night round 2 will feature new characters and storylines. Users can be paired with one another through “Fast Chat” which allows them to talk about the story and analyze clues.

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