The Latest Mobile Commerce Trends to Reach Your Gen Z Audience in 2022

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Key highlights:

  • 35% of e-commerce app users on Indus App Bazaar are below the age of 23.
  • Gen Z shows a strong interest in content creators that align with their interests.
  • Gamification helps brands hit multiple engagement and conversion objectives.
  • AR helps users make a buying decision because it provides an intuitive and realistic experience and more clarity on the product.
  • 67% of users come back for the purchase online after disconnection due to the app having some offline activities for them to kill time.

Gen Z users spend an average of 4 hours per day on apps — and that figure doesn’t include gaming time. In fact, 35% of e-commerce app users on Indus App Bazaar are below the age of 23. 

Therefore, there is a huge scope for high engagement and conversions amongst this demographic.

And app developers need to do whatever they can to reach them.

But capturing Gen Z online users has become tricky for marketers since their attention spans are shorter than previous generations. So, app developers must prepare strategies to engage Gen Z according to their app usage habits.

So what can you do to reach Gen Z?

Four Strategies to Engage Gen Z Online

Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends that you can take advantage of to help you approach Gen Z with your e-commerce app:

1. Influencer marketing

Brands that want to capture the attention of Gen Z need to create a sense of relatability. They need to build a behavior of regular revisiting of apps.

This generation prefers organic content over the more polished output. If the content reflects their personalities, they are more likely to engage with it. Moreover, short-format videos are the way to go (short attention span, remember?). 

Similarly, GenZ shows a strong interest in content creators that align with their interests. 

They often get influenced by these creators and see themselves living the creator’s life. 

Brands can work with influencers in their respective category to not only introduce the brand to a newer audience but also trigger engagement and conversion.

2. Gamification

Adding gamification elements to your app is a great way to keep your Gen Z users interacting with your brand.

It can help you hit multiple engagement and conversion objectives. 

According to Christoph Kastenholz, CEO of Pulse Advertising, gamification can range from advergames (games custom-built specifically to showcase your brand in an interactive game environment), to in-app quizzes and polls for building product awareness. It creates a hook to engage the user with your app. 

The brands can also introduce a rewards system for better user retention. This can be in the form of redeemable points given when a certain event is fired. For example, when the user buys a product or shares a product with a friend. 

3. Augmented Reality

One of the game changers in e-commerce is Augmented Reality (AR).

It truly improves a user’s shopping experience and gives a more intuitive and realistic feel.

With AR, shoppers can truly see the item they’re shopping for, which helps them make a buying decision. 

Improved body tracking and try-on technology allow users to see how a product looks on them or around them. This is especially helpful for clothing and makeup products, where it is not easy to judge the color or fit without seeing it in person.

4. Offline mode

According to research from Trivago, 67% of users come back to work (purchase) online after disconnection due to the apps/sites having some offline activities for them to kill time.

So apparently, it’s a plus to be able to engage the user in offline mode as well. This can be clubbed with the gamification element creating a gateway for higher user engagement. 


GenZ is the most active category of mobile users and shoppers in recent times.

Thus, brands are required to think ahead and adapt their apps to the habits and needs of the current generation to successfully engage with them.

Focusing on gamification, improved user experience, valuable personalized content, and recommendations from influencers is the way forward for app developers and marketers.

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