The Best Entertainment Apps of H1 2022

Best entertainment apps of H1 2022

Are you not entertained?

No, we are not, Maximus Decimus Meridius.

That’s we keep going back to our entertainment apps almost every day.

A recent report revealed that Entertainment was one of the top categories of apps that Indian users engaged in. So we were curious to see which entertainment apps made it to the popularity list in the first half of 2022.

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Without further adieu, we present the best entertainment apps on the Samsung Galaxy Store powered by Indus App Bazaar:

1. Hostar

One of India’s top OTT platforms, Hotstar, was a hit among users, not only on Indus App Bazaar but also across other app distributors.

What makes them so popular?

Speaking specifically about entertainment, they have a variety of shows, movies, documentaries, etc. to bring back users to the screen. Since they’ve partnered with Disney, the Hotstar app streams the immensely popular Marvel movies and TV shows. Given the plans Marvel has, they can expect more and more users to use the app.


Their trump card however is the regional content.

They have a multitude of streaming options in India’s many languages like Hindi,  Bengali, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu, etc. which makes them a highly popular app.

With most Indians considering English as their second or third language, you can see why Disney+ Hotstar makes it into the best entertainment apps list.

2. ZEE5: Movies, Web Series & more

In 2021, Zee5 went global by launching its streaming service in the United States. Since then, they have amassed 101.9 million active monthly users.

What is the secret to their success? Regional content, regional content, regional content.

To make it on any best entertainment apps list in India, you need to have quality regional content. And Zee5 does it well with their vast collection of Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, and Telugu content, with more languages included.


The recent Telugu movie RRR captured the imagination of viewers in India and even the US. We can clearly see why it was so popular in H1 2022.

3. VidMate

VidMate is a video downloading app available on Indus App Bazaar. This app helps you download videos from popular video streaming sites and social media apps. You can also download WhatsApp statuses that your friends post.

It has over 1000 supported websites and keeps adding more based on user feedback.

Ultimately, the utility factor of this app is what makes it so popular among users and led it to the honor of ranking as one of the best entertainment apps.

4. Zili Short Video App for India

Since TikTok left the Indian scene, many short video apps sprouted up to compete for the top spot in India.

One of those apps is Zili. This app claims to be an “inexhaustible source of fun” and has kept our users thoroughly entertained over the past 6 months. You can find funny videos, pranks, fails compilations, music, and more on this app.

It has also provided creators with an avenue to showcase their talent and monetize their content accordingly. Given that short-form video apps have a $19 billion potential, the popularity of Zili could skyrocket further.

5. MX Player Online: OTT & Games

This homegrown app has seen tremendous growth over the past year and performed well among our users to make it to the best entertainment apps list.

MX Player offers several movies, shows, and web series. A major part of their popularity is, you guessed it, regional content. The app makers are also planning on investing in projects like 35 new shows and a gaming feature for users.

The app offers content in 10 Indian languages and is available in 12 countries, with plans to expand it to a further 6 countries.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming service is probably one of the few OTT platforms that can give even Hostar a run for its money.

It’s home to big name movies like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Matt Reeve’s The Batman, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, etc. It also has blockbuster TV shows like Mad Men, The Office, and The Big Bang Theory, and they’re releasing the big-budget Lord of the Rings spin-off in September.

Unsurprisingly, regional shows and movies are what makes Prime Video a success. The fan-favorite Panchayat streams on this platform, plus they have big hits like Baahubali and Arjun Reddy.

With the company’s seemingly unlimited coffers, Prime Video will keep doing well in India and abroad.


7. SonyLIV: Entertainment & Sports

The final entrant on our list, SonyLIV garnered much popularity in the OTT space with its Scam 1992 series. That series alone brought 22 million users to the platform. Rocket Boys also performed well and was positively received by viewers.


SonyLIV also has Oscar-winner movies like 1917 and Lincoln in its catalog.

The app greatly improved its user experience over the years with a smooth and aesthetically pleasing app.

Though it has a smaller market share overall, it still performed well among Indus App Bazaar users over the past six months to make an entry into the best entertainment apps list.

Final Word: One Can Make it to the Best Entertainment Apps List with Localization

The common theme among all the entertainment apps was the fact that they all offered regional content in abundance. India is a country that demands to be spoken to in her own language.

You may have fond memories of these apps just because they offer content in your language, be it Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, or Assamese.

This highlights the importance of localization of content, not just of cinema, but even our apps. Producers are tapping into it, now even app developers and app distributors need to.

That is our final word for now. Hope you were entertained.

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