“Publish your Android app for FREE”, What?

Publish android app for free


What would life be without apps?

Imagine a world of smartphones without apps, and app stores don’t sound chaotic and full of difficulties?

Creating an Android app requires a lot of effort, and its growth in the market directly depends on its distribution. Nowadays, there are options available for Android developers to publish their apps for free.

Yes, you read it right “Publishing an android app for FREE”. We know by now you must be excited about how it could be done.

Reaching 200 Million+ Users with your mobile app is now easier than ever!


All you need to do is upload your app onto Indus App Bazaar!

In a few simple steps

Step 1: Log in to the developer portal

Step 2: Choose between an Individual or Company and fill in your details.

Step 3: Click on the “+New App” button.

Step 4: Fill in your app details.

Step 5: Upload APK and app media


And TADAA! You’re done!



But Why Indus App Bazaar?

Indus App Bazaar is an alternative app store for Android smartphones focusing on localisation, personalisation, and ease of use. It is baked into the Android smartphone experience by the OEMs, and it encourages developers to build locally relevant content across 12 Indian languages and helps smartphone users discover personalised apps and content. While the app listing is, of course, free, Indus OS also does not collect any revenue share for in-app purchases.

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Indus App Bazaar offers free language translations to each developer for their apps and content. Indus App Bazaar also provides a sophisticated translation more suited and relevant to regional audiences than a rigid literal translation of words and UI elements.

Indus OS offers in-depth insights to the publishers around app installs/uninstalls, retention rates, device distribution, and API integration. These insights aid developers and publishers in in-app performance analysis and strategy planning. It helps developers reach their target audience by offering a vital metric analysis that helps them gain additional in-depth insights into user installs and engagement, like download source distribution, region-based downloads, and peak-volume hours.


Want to know more about “App Bazaar Terms of Service For Developers”? Read here.


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