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5 New Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn More Money In India

Are you looking to earn money because you are unable to make ends meet? Or are you someone who is looking for some side income through investments? 

Earning money is an elementary aspect of one’s life. It is arduous to survive with insufficient income to lead a healthy and satisfactory life. Technology is a wonderful thing and now it can help you earn an income as well. 

We have assembled 5 new apps in the market ranging from job search to investment platforms to help increase your cash flow. 

If you are a Samsung user, you can download these apps from Samsung Galaxy Store, powered by Indus App Bazaar through the links given below.

  1. Upstox (New) – Stocks, Mutual Funds & IPOs

    Upstox is an investment platform trusted by 50 lakh+ customers. Through Upstox, you can invest easily in Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, F&O, Commodities, and Currencies at minimal brokerage charges and earn that extra side income.

    Download here.

  2. Mahogha – Follow Stocks | Invest

    Through Mahogha, you can use portfolio blueprints and track your investments easily. You can also follow popular blueprints and make the best decisions to grow your money.

    Download here.

  3. InstaMoney – Instant Personal Loan, Advance Salary

    Are you looking for instant cash in your account? You can borrow it through InstaMoney for a period of 5 months. The loan ranges from ₹5,000 to ₹25,000. This can help you in making your end meet for at least a short period of time. Look for your eligibility and read the T&C carefully.

    Download here.

  4. Waah Jobs – Job Search in India

    Lost your job due to the pandemic? Unable to find another one and provide for your family? Waah Jobs can help you. They regularly update their database for BD, sales and customer care profiles. You can also search for work from home and part time jobs on the app.

    Download here.

  5. mauka : Job Search & Learn Skills

    You can get access to 1000s of relevant jobs to your profile, skills and interest on Mauka app. Check out their app for all job profiles, find yours in 5 simple steps and earn monthly income easily.

    Download here.

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