Mastering the Art of the App

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We live firmly in the era of flash content. No, not flash the platform. More like content that flits across your screen, gathering attention in a brilliant burst of virality – before fading away leaving only the faintest memories of what once was in our wandering minds. Gone, in a flash.

But this isn’t a fate that awaits all modern content. Against all odds, some applications stick with us well past their shining period – becoming a staple in our phones and changing the very way we live our lives – think Uber. Google Maps. Apple Music. Taxis, maps and music – all services available to us well before the dawn of the app- and yet all mainstay apps that are here to stay. So what’s the secret? How do some apps survive the test of time, while others wilt away?

The secret, we believe, lies with the developer. An idea birthed with the expertise to nurture it, and an environment to nourish and help it grow. Here at Indus, we provide the environment in which your app will flourish. Here’s how you can go about making an app that will do the same.

Research. Research. Research.
Unglamorous as it may sound, herein lies the foundation to a successful app. Study trends, study successes, study failures. History holds a wealth of information for developers – and wealth is what awaits those who learn from it.

Does it look good? Does it feel good?
UI/UX is a telling metric. Even if your app affords users the latest and best content – a confusing interface or complicated experience is sure to leave customers feeling muddled – and send them to a competitor who looks better, while maybe offering a little less utility. We’ve seen this happen with mega brands in the past – and your apps are no different. Combine the best of both worlds. Sharp content, smooth interfaces.

Be a Jack of all trades.
We’re talking programming language. There’s a massive variety of platforms out there – and they all require a different skill set to be proficient on when coding. Unless you want your app to be limited to one platform or device – get learning!

Find a need, fill a need.
Self-explanatory. If there’s no demand, you have no one to supply. Identify key issues, trends and requirements around you, and attempt to solve it. Make your app indispensable to its target audience.

Effective business model, and security.
And finally, the end game. The best app in the world cannot sustain itself without a source of income – and that comes from an effective business model. You need to keep your finances sustainable- and show that over time your app will justify an investor’s interest in you. Partnerships, sponsorships, ad space, or limiting all of the above – what’s your model?

And finally, security. No one will migrate to an app that doesn’t guarantee a level of cyber security- especially with the recent justified noise around various breaches of privacy by massive apps. Make your users feel safe with you, and they’ll never have a reason to leave.

Getting to be a master developer is a long journey – but the right tools can help ease the process.  And once you’ve arrived, Indus OS and the #AppBazaar will only be too happy to flaunt your creation for you. For Developers dedicated to their craft, It’s the least we can do.

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