Building An #UjjwalBhawishya This Diwali With Our Favorite Apps

Celebrating #UjjwalBhavishya for India

How do you picture your future? Does it have robots doing household chores? Well, that can be true given how advanced artificial intelligence is at the moment. But that is a far-fetched sight. What about the next decade? To answer that, let’s look at how the last few decades have gone by. 

Do you remember sitting in a class of 50 students, being taught the social sciences, mathematics, and other subjects by multiple teachers? Do you remember going to the nearest market to buy groceries? Or having to wait for the doctor’s clinic or pharmacy to open to get medicines? 

It still happens in many cities, and it has its own charm. However, recently, we have also seen a teacher teaching lakh of students in one go, groceries being delivered within 10 minutes, and consulting doctors 24/7. How does this all happen? Of course, the answer is APPS.

Building India’s #UjjwalBhawishya

Apps have not only helped us connect with our distant loved ones, but also made our day-to-day life easier. Now with a single click, you can access healthcare at any time of the day, sitting anywhere in the world.

At Indus OS, it is strongly believed that apps have powered our lives toward a digital and brighter future, an #UjjwalBhawashya! 

Want to know how the app world is helping users build their #UjjwalBhawishya? Indus OS initiated a social media campaign to highlight how it is helping enhance the future of digital India. Soon several apps joined in and shared their initiatives. Here is a glimpse.


Don’t you feel the power of apps should be accessible to everybody? 

There are still some Indian cities that do not have access to the digital world, let alone apps. Even if they are connected to the internet, app discovery and accessibility have their own hurdles. 

  1. Language Barrier:

    Many reports have stated that Indians prefer consuming content in their regional language. However, a localised app store is still a mystery for many. Various alternative app stores like Indus App Bazaar are leading the way to overcome this barrier. It is currently available in 12+ Indian languages to ease app discovery. In fact, it also gives free app localization services to developers so that they can reach their native target audience seamlessly.
  2. Knowledge Barrier:

    Users lack the proper knowledge of which apps work best for them, and how to use these apps efficiently. Personalised app store recommendations and knowledge-based app discovery can be the solution. Android app stores like Indus App Bazaar are working towards providing personalized app collections to users for relevant discovery. It also has introduced unique app avenues like App Stories and Video feed that give a detailed idea of what the apps do, how they can be used, etc. through engaging short video content.

These are a few barriers that Indians face while accessing the power of apps and Indian app stores like Indus App Bazaar are shouldering India into a new digital age by bridging the gap between app developers and smartphone users and offering a personalized and localized mobile experience.

Just like Indus App Bazaar, build your #UjjwalBhawishya with apps. 

आप भी बढ़ाए एक उज्ज्वल भविष्य के तरफ अपना अगला कदम ऐप के साथ।

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