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You’ve burnt the midnight oil and pulled all-nighters to get your app up and running, but in reality, the app’s journey has just begun. It is estimated that nearly a billion users are set to join the world of the internet, out of which a large chunk will be from remote corners of India. Reaching out successfully to them will depend on your app being able to meet customers’ needs and desires, more importantly in their language.  The need of the hour, therefore, is discovering information that can help you reach your audience.

The key is in finding the target market

There is no point really if your app is selling baby products to a 55-year-old father of teens. Understanding the profile of the customer aids in reaching people who are most likely to buy your products or services. Usually common characteristics  like age, gender, and socioeconomic factors such as occupation, lifestyle, online behavior, memberships, brand affiliations, purchasing history, product engagement, help better understand the consumer. The more clearly you know your consumer, the better you know how and where to reach them.

Be seen. Be heard.

A consumer insight gives app developers a deeper understanding of how the audience thinks and feels as well as what they want and need, but more importantly, why is it that they feel this way. As an app developer, you can analyze these nuances to improve the overall user experience, as well as tell them what you are offering more effectively. Finding your target market should be the key step in overall business strategy.

Originally, targeting tactics included placing billboards in appropriately situated areas such as outside malls, print ads in magazines and newspapers perhaps depending on the language, radio segments in early mornings, TV commercials at a designated time, and  even cold-calling people who could possibly be interested in the product. Although the internet has made this relatively easier, even today, when an app is launched, it becomes a part of an ecosystem of an estimated 2 million.

Pay attention to get noticed

In addition to being a hassle-free self-publishing platform, Indus OS offers many customizing options to developers  that are a great way to fill in the gaps in customer analysis. With 400,000 apps, and in-house machine learning systems, Indus App Bazaar offers unparalleled insights to app developers such as browsing behavior, app usage patterns, gender, age, income, education level, marital status, and even whether they have children. You can classify the high transacting users and the highly engaging users from the rest.  This allows you to determine the next step for behavior-based targeting across user profiles, even if they’re not yet customers.

Narrowed reach, wider audience

Moreover, targeted push notifications and daily insights such as number of installs, daily retention etc. can help optimize and improve the performance of your campaigns. These push notifications are designed to target customers as per the model and location. Thus, it’s completely possible to talk to owners of mid-range devices from specific cities. In fact, your audience can be narrowed down to people who are using similar apps or a particular phone carrier type. For instance, a dating app can easily interact with young men who use wallet apps and are willing to transact.

When it comes to understanding the customer, knowledge is power and a well-defined target market strategy can only help in having a greater impact on your audience.

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