Fastest growing app platform, Indus App Bazaar crosses 200M+ users in India

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Indus Bazaar surpasses

The usage of apps in Indian languages on the platform has increased by 37 per cent in 2021

App content discovery platform Indus App Bazaar by Indus OS has surpassed 200 million users in India, it has announced.

Indus Bazaar is an android enhanced app store ecosystem for smartphones. The platform has delivered 2.5 billion app installs and updates. The app store has seen about 50 per cent growth in terms of user base since September 2020.

The usage of apps in Indian languages on the platform has increased by 37 per cent in 2021 with Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Gujarati being the top languages with most app downloads. The top performing categories are- communication, social, entertainment, finance, and shopping.

The app store offers features like one tap download of apps without email, personalised feed with refresh option and eased discovery for developers. It distributes a wide array of apps in English and over twelve Indian languages, curating apps and content relevant to users.

In a recent update, Indus App Bazaar has launched an in-built feature called Video feed that explains the latest features, offers and more about the application in the video format.

Another feature that it has added is App stories, a way to assist and educate users about apps through short content via images, videos, etc.

Rakesh Deshmukh, Co-Founder and CEO of Indus OS, said, “We launched Indus App Bazaar keeping in mind the needs and challenges of the next billion users. We have strived to address them with unique personalized and localised solutions.”

“Evidently, all our offerings have worked well, helping users search, discover and consume apps and content that interest them. Reaching a new milestone of 200 million users is a testimony to our impressive growth and development over the years. We will continue to follow the same approach while being in sync with the ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ initiatives”,” added Deshmukh.

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