Futuristic App Ideas that Would Benefit Us

Futuristic App

We constantly think about the future. How will infrastructure, roads, transportation, the education system, and housing be years from now? Many of us base our ideas on sci-fi movies that show flying cars and tall skyscrapers.

But what about our mobile applications? What kind of changes will we see in the way we interact with applications and the features that they offer us?

We discussed the topic in a Clubhouse session and this post is a summary of the “Futuristic App Ideas that Could Change the World”.

How Have We Progressed With Apps?

2002-03 was a time when most families had one or two mobile phones. And we used to communicate through SMS, with a character limit of 160 characters. Not to forget the most popular game available, which was Snake Xenzia, which had most of us hooked.

Only phones with GPRS were able to (barely) load Google Search Results and we were still getting used to the new concept of having a mobile phone. From this era to the sudden boom of apps, we have progressed a lot.

Coming back to today’s day and age, we have multiple messaging services like Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. which offer us free messaging, voice and video calling, features for free.

This clearly shows how we have unexpectedly and fruitfully progressed in communication and technology.

And from Snake Xenzia and Space Impact which were the main mobile games, we now have multiplayer games at our disposal. We can play with anyone and everyone who has the app regardless of their location.

The Possibility of Super Apps?

Ameya Dhuri, Product Manager at Indus OS highlighted the possibility of having apps just like in sci-fi movies. “The possibilities are endless,” he added. He built on the idea of amalgamation of apps where apps providing similar services could be compiled under a single Super App.

For example, an app that includes all food services like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc. would allow the user to compare prices and select the best deal. This would help users save on space and provide choice.

Another speaker also spoke about how companies today are focusing on providing a range of different services instead of focusing on a niche. This can be seen in apps like Amazon. We might have a single app for the Amazon Shopping app, Prime Video, Alexa, and Amazon Music. Such an umbrella app is something to look at in the near future.

Vinay, another speaker from our session agreed to the concept of super apps. He added, “there is a growing market for super apps. For consumers it is a matter of convenience and functionality to have one app that allows you to do multiple things”.

He gave an example of having all Tata apps compiled within one app. On the other hand, super apps will not only allow users to download fewer applications but also allow them to save on storage space on their smartphones.

Graphical Restaurant Table Reservations

Imagine you want to reserve a table at a new restaurant. There are barely any reviews for the same and you haven’t visited it before.

Himani Aggarwal our Marketing Manager said that she would like to see an app which provides a 3D view of the restaurant table she would be reserving, in order to have a clearer idea of the ambiance of the restaurant and also choose which table she would want to go for.

An OTT Platform to Learn More About Businesses & Startups

Akshay, another speaker from Pondicherry proposed the idea of having an educational platform for young entrepreneurs to learn from the past experiences of Industry leaders. 

The platform would include knowledge bytes, case studies, documentaries and even the tools and skills required for an individual who is thinking of starting a business/ startup. This is an app idea he is personally working on and he also stated that the country’s education system focuses more on theory and individuals looking at starting their businesses lack the practical experience and knowledge.

Moreover, with the help of AI writer tools, individuals could generate customized and relevant content for users based on their interests and business goals. This could save users time and effort in searching for relevant information and resources, making the platform more user-friendly and efficient. The integration of AI writer tools could also ensure the app’s content remains relevant.

He looks forward to helping novel and future entrepreneurs to avoid mistakes and roadblocks through his app which is in development.

Scan any Song and Find its Karaoke Track

We know how Shazam makes our lives easy by assisting us with recognizing new songs and saving them for us to play in the future.

In a similar way, one of our speakers suggested the possibility of having an application that would allow us to scan a song that is playing and find its backing/karaoke track respectively.

The next time there’s a party you wouldn’t have to sing without any music but you can pull off a great musical show.

A Human Resources Application to Rate and Give Credibility to Employees

Gunjan Rastogi, Indus OS’s HR Manager spoke about the possibility of having an application that could only be accessed by HR representatives and would allow them to rate employees and show how credible the individual is.

This would help the HR community to easily decide if a candidate is legit and fit for their company. It would include ratings like whether the candidate is a team player, works dutifully during work hours, and much more. Employees with a good rating could be easily hired in the future by other HRs who could access this information and choose suitable candidates.

A Voice-based Presentation Creator

Ever thought of creating amazing presentations by just using your voice?

A similar idea was proposed by Navi, another speaker from our session. He added, “I am looking forward to an app being built which will allow me to just give in a few voice commands to create a great presentation within minutes”.

An app like this would surely help out many of us who spend a lot of time creating presentations manually. If you have already ideated on the flow and design of your presentation, with the help of a voice-based presentation app your work will be done within no time.

Every Invention Starts With An Idea

Someone surely thought about the apps we have today. The future surely looks bright with the amazing app ideas we heard during our session. We look forward to better innovative app concepts which not only benefit users but encourage other developers to keep the innovation flowing.

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