3 Simple Ways of Boosting Your Chances of Joining Top Tech Firms

3 simple ways of boosting your chances of joining top tech firms

Don’t let the news deceive you. Tech firms are still hiring even amidst the despairing stories of layoffs.

Reports reveal that over 60% of Indian companies plan to increase hiring in engineering, IT, sales, and marketing. So don’t slow down your efforts to join your dream tech company. In fact, you should redouble your efforts.

To help you in your job hunt, we pick the brains of someone who has reviewed thousands of applications in our company.

This is our very own Talent Acquisition Lead, Gunjan Rastogi, and her 3 simple steps to cracking a tech interview.

1. Keep your resume to one page

One of the basic requirements to boost your chances of landing a tech job is by keeping your resume crisp and limited to one page.

Doing this helps both recruiters and you as a candidate.

For recruiters, it allows them to scan your resume quickly without the burden of going through multiple pages. On the other hand, as a candidate, you’re forced to whittle down all your professional and educational information to the most relevant ones only. Don’t be put off by the word “forced”. It’s actually a good thing because you have the chance to highlight your best and related details only.

Also, it’ll help to add tech projects or internships you’ve undertaken. For example, if you’re a developer, then adding corresponding GitHub or Stack Overflow links will get you noticed by recruiters.

Also, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your professional profile.

Therefore adding your LinkedIn profile link to your resume would aid your job search (don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn profile updated!).

2. Internships are the secret of a fresher’s energy

Having a few internships under your belt will definitely increase your chances of getting that interview.

If you’re studying or fresh out of college, working as an intern will help polish your skills and can make you ready to move toward one of your desired tech firms.

Moreover, this will alert recruiters to your correlated industry skills making them shortlist your name. As we mentioned earlier, adding the projects you have worked on will also benefit your job hunt massively.

3. Enroll yourself in coding competitions

Gone are the days when mass hiring used to dominate the hiring process in the tech industry. Nowadays it’s much more streamlined and crisp.

Similarly, the expectations for a candidate seeking a job in a tech firm have also shifted. You need to be highly proficient in your technical skills to be able to land a tech firm role.

One of the ways of refining your technical skills is by enrolling in coding competitions. There are several platforms that host such competitions for developers. A few examples are HackerRank, HackerEarth, Topcoder, etc. Getting yourself involved in these competitions can lead you to your dream job.

Bonus Tips to Get Hired By Top Tech Firms

As a recruiter, Gunjan had something like inside information to offer. Consider these bonus tips as you journey towards your dreams:

1. Frequent switches hurt your cause

Changing jobs too often may get you what you want in the short run. But your long-term future is affected when your resume is littered with frequent job changes.

Recruiters are wary of candidates who have frequent switches, like yearly job changes, mentioned on their resumes.

This applies especially to those in the beginning and middle of their careers. Recruiters want to see how long you’ve stayed in each company and how you’ve helped build its product or service.

2. Understand the core of the company you’re applying to

Doing a little research on the company you’re applying to goes a long way. If you come with almost no knowledge of the company, it leads recruiters to consider other candidates. Having a deeper understanding of the organization puts you in a better light with recruiters and also will help you during the interview.

Also, see if you’re actually a good fit for the company, culture-wise. Organizations look for those who can blend in and align with their culture.

Plus, it’s also a good exercise for you since you’ll be working there. You don’t want to be in a place that’s going to hinder your enjoyment and growth in the role.

Conclusion: Tech Firms are Looking for You

The tech industry seems to be going through an upheaval. But there are still firms hiring. Companies are always on the lookout for skilled engineers and data scientists. Such roles will never run out of demand.

Where can you find such roles in tech firms? A few names we can share are Instahyre, iimjobs.com, LinkedIn, Naukri, etc.

Indus OS is also hiring across various departments like data, engineering, and marketing. If you’re looking to work in any of these roles, click the link to apply now: https://bit.ly/3Oz2ylj

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