Join The Movement By Indus OS To Help Liberalize App Distribution 

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Circa 2015, Indus OS went modular post the decimation of the Indian mobile hardware players. From the experience of creating an OS, they brought to the fore products like Indus App Bazaar (IAB). IAB has 100 million users with access to 400,000 apps in 13 languages. We believe that we are a point of major change in the way apps are distributed, and want you to be a part of the journey.

How can you become a part of the community for change?

At Indus App Bazaar, we have been hosting monthly webinars on a range of topics. We want to extend our community outreach by extending an invitation to Reddit, Twitter spaces, ClubHouse, Quora, and WhatsApp communities. We are looking for passionate moderators who can help us scale, interested?
Fill this form:  Community Form

Alternatively, you can become a part of our freshly minted Reddit community here: Reddit Community

What can you expect going forward?

Over the course of our webinars, we have initiated 100’s of conversations with developers, growth-product managers, students, analysts, amongst others. One common queue that we got from the stakeholders is that they want more detailed discussions on issues that they are passionate about. We have taken the community feedback to start the programs below:

You can join us on Twitter & Clubhouse

Why does app distribution matter?

Over the last couple of years, there has been a call for accountability from Google and Apple on their way of doing business. The latest being 36 US legislators raising issues with Google Play Store. There are reels written on the topic.

Here are a few examples by News18, Arstechnica and ZDNet.

We want to bring these conversations into focus. You can join us on our Reddit forum to discuss these issues or keep it personal by joining our invitation-only WhatsApp product group.

Going forward you can keep in touch with me directly by emailing me at


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