Indus OS Provides Free App Publishing, AWS Benefits & More For Developers And Mobile App Development Companies


It’s quite common that even after publishing an excellent app, their apps are lost amidst the noise of thousands of apps. Developers’ hard work and innovative solutions remain unknown to their audiences, especially when there is no support from the app store ecosystem.

But we have the solution!

Indus App Bazaar is India’s largest indigenous Android-based app store, dedicated to providing a seamless multi-point app distribution to developers and reaching its user base of 200 Mn+ Indians. It provides app developers with no-cost publishing for apps with comprehensive user insights, as well as localization support in 12+1 languages. 

There are many more benefits that Indus App Bazaar offers. We have created a list of such benefits to help app developers understand how they can make the most of them. 

Benefits of Using Indus App Bazaar:

  • Free Hosting

Every human needs a physical location to establish living. Similarly, every mobile application needs space on the internet to live. Indus App Bazaar offers a free self-publishing portal where developers can sign in and publish their apps for FREE. 

Here is a tutorial to help the app developers publish their apps for free to the developer portal:



  • FREE AWS benefits Worth $25,000

Indus App Bazaar offers free AWS benefits worth $25000 when you upload your application with us which is also free.

To developers and startups small or large, the cloud provides a lot of benefits that were previously too expensive or out of reach.

Here are 3 ways you can benefit from AWS credits:

  • Get secure remote access to a computer in your office:

With zero IT staff involved you can use AWS workspaces to “rent” a dedicated Windows (or Linux) workstation for a monthly flat fee that includes the Windows 10 license.

  • You can back up your data to the cloud:

AWS Storage Gateway is a service that allows you to automatically back up your important files, such as those contained on a central server in your office, or a NAS device, and automatically back those files up to cost-effective storage in the cloud.

  • You can host your website in the cloud.

AWS Lightsail provides a simple-to-launch web hosting environment with support for several popular website platforms. It’s also great if you need to spin up staging environments or run self-hosted business applications.


  • FREE CDN services

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. Indus App Bazaar offers FREE CDN services for developers. 

Here are a few benefits of free CDN services:

  1. Performance:

Websites that start using a CDN have seen 50% reductions in loading times, or even more in some cases. CDNs speed up content delivery by:

Decreasing the distance between where content is stored and where it needs to go, Reducing file sizes to increase load speed Optimizing server infrastructure to respond to user requests more quickly

  1. Reliability:

A CDN enables web applications to provide uninterrupted service to users even in the face of these problems.

Since CDNs are composed of multiple servers spread out in many different data centers, they can also offer a great deal of redundancy. If a server, a data center, or an entire region of data centers goes down, CDNs can still deliver content from other servers in the network.

  1. Lowered costs:

The main way that CDNs cut down on expenditure for website operators is by reducing trips to and from the origin server. Because CDNs cache much of the content on a website and serve that content from the cache, the origin server does not have to deliver the same content over and over. Instead, the CDN does this on the origin server’s behalf.

  1. Resilience against attack

CDNs are especially well-suited to defending websites from denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. In these attacks, an attacker directs vast quantities of junk network traffic at a website to try to overwhelm and crash the website. With their many servers, CDNs are better able to absorb large amounts of traffic, even unnatural traffic spikes from a DDoS attack, than a single origin server. By doing so, they keep websites online even when under attack.

So, what do you now think about CDN services? Can they help you with your application?


  • FREE Localisation Services

Languages are an important aspect of how we connect with the world, Indus App Bazaar encourages developers to build local solutions for their audience. It offers free-of-cost language translation support to developers available in 12 Indian languages and English covering 95% of the regional languages spoken in India.

Want to know more about how localization is beneficial? Hop onto our blog on “Is Regional Content The Next Step To Success!”


  • Easy-to-use Content Management System

Indus App Bazaar allows app developers to showcase their latest greatest features not only through update notes but in a visually engaging manner. It has various avenues like Video feeds and App Stories that allow developers to show the latest features, offers, and more in a snackable short-video format, a trend that is currently on the rise. 


  • In-depth User Insights

Indus OS assists developers in reaching their target audience through the use of AI and ML. Indus App Bazaar provides all critical metric analysis to developers allowing them to acquire more in-depth insights about user initials and engagement, such as download source distribution, region-based downloads, and peak-volume hours.

If you are an android app developer, then look no further and upload your app onto Indus App Bazaar.



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