How Do Localized Apps Improve App Distribution & User Retention For Developers

Localized Apps

Key Takeaways:

  1. Localization involves much more than just the translation of content.
  2. Localization helps deliver a positive experience to the end-user as per their needs and helps improve their KPIs.
  3. Localization plays an important role in personalization, by serving the needs of the end-user and allowing more user retention, and improving brand loyalty.
  4. App developers use localization to make their app stand out from the rest and improve the user experience compared to their competitors.

    The app industry has been booming at a 10% year-on-year growth rate and has only grown even more due to the pandemic. Also with Android 12 easing its control over updating apps from third-party app stores, we feel it is a great time for developers to publish their apps. To improve their global distribution and host their app onto various app stores, localizing their app according to these geographies and the users they are targeting becomes extremely important.

We had a Clubhouse session where we discussed the need for localized applications and app stores. Here is the summary.

What is Localization?

Localization is often perceived as a synonym to what translation stands for. But well that’s not the case. Translation might just be the tip of the iceberg to what localization actually is. Localization is the process of adapting your product and content to a particular locality and is not limited to just translation but

  • Modifying the graphic to be compatible with the content that is being translated
  • Changing the content according to the audience. For example, Braille is being used for blind people.
  • Converting your content into the local currencies and units of measurement.

We can see a lot goes on in localization apart from just the language being changed.

A great example of a localized app would be Netflix, where it has localized its content throughout geographies and dubbed/subbed its content perfectly for the end-user.

Localization delivers a positive experience to the end-user

Users want personalized content and products that are appealing to them. It’s the same case with apps. For an app to be successful, developers need to target them with a clear proposition and deliver a positive experience for them which will help in user retention. Localization is one the easiest ways for the same. 

Let’s take a look at India. India itself has many users who don’t speak English. Deepanshu Garg, our Backend Engineer stated “Through localizing your app in regional languages you can target these communities easily while also targeting the global markets.”

This is where Indus App Bazaar comes in as well. We are helping developers localize their applications for free in 12 Indian languages to reach out to more users in rural areas of India, helping them have more access to these apps. Developers can then receive more downloads and help them improve their conversion rates as well. We take localization to the next level where we not only help developers localize the in-app content but the notifications users get before opening the apps as well. 

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Localization equals Personalisation

Sachin K.  Menon, our project manager stated,” Apps can be customized or personalized. Let’s take the example of a customer buying coffee. If he goes to the barista and asks for a latte without sugar, that’s a customization but on the other hand, if the barista already knows what the customer wants, that’s personalization.” 

This example clearly tells us how important and beneficial personalization can be. Localization comes under the umbrella of personalization. Mobile app localization gives you a more personalized experience. Serving the needs of the end-user allows more user retention and improves brand loyalty. It’s a win-win for developers looking at more user acquisition.

Localization builds a bridge between app developers and end-users

Localization helps you tap into any locale. Localization goes hand in hand with internationalization wherein small details like the currency or symbols used in a particular language can mean something entirely different in a mainstream language like English.

Anupprakash an Independent Consultant for SMEs and companies that are into app development said, “localization is a bridge between the end-user from a rural area who doesn’t know the language and complexity of the language.”

App developers need to be aware of this need for localization and how it will benefit both them and the end-users. There is a need for developers to be made more aware of the perks of localization and that’s what we are trying to achieve at Indus OS through our community.

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Localization helps our app stand out

Users find localized apps and app notifications more interesting than the latter. This clearly helps increase click-through rates for developers. Ameya Dhuri, our product manager said, “ Some developers give preference to Hindi as a language as it is spoken more than other regional languages but we saw good customer retention from localized apps in Odia as well.”

Localization’s main aim is to help you tap into these smaller communities and help increase your user base indefinitely. Another great example of localization is Myntra’s voice search that allows you to search for products in multiple languages.

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How does Indus App Bazaar help with Localization?

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We help all on-boarded apps with free translation services. As first-level translation support, we get their App Title transliterated as well as their English description respectively into 12 Indian languages.


Secondly, in case you plan to localize your entire app experience by having all the in-App strings translated as well, developers can request the same over an email. All the strings within the application will be required in order to get them translated which they can then integrate on their end. Please note that there is no cost for these language services.

The usage of apps in Indian languages on our platform has increased by 37% during 2021 with  Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and Gujarati emerging as the top languages with the most app downloads.

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What does the future of localization look like?

Apps have started taking localization seriously all over the world. The future of localization for India could be its own OS which is available in multiple regional languages. This would bridge the gap between developers and users even more and also help bring the next million Indian users online. 

Developers need to be more creative for their end-users as they are about the functionality of their apps. On the other hand, the app store policies in India should have strict content moderation when it comes to localization as well as when it comes to localizing one’s app for the global market. India having its own OS would open new opportunities for OEMs, developers, and end-users. With India’s brilliant advances in technology, we can hope to see to this in the near future.

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