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Trick or treat! The day of donning your favorite spooky costumes is here. 

Celebrate a bit of scary fun with the Halloween app collection. All apps are available on Indus App Bazaar.

1. Hidden Object Halloween 2021

Time to slow down and look for hidden objects in the beautifully crafted game. With over 2000 hidden objects, spend your Halloween trying to find them all! The game comes with awesome HD graphics, so finding the scary objects is so much fun!

Download the app by clicking here.

2. The Secret of Halloween – Can You Escape?

Don’t wander away, you may run into something…spooky. Play the game that requires every ounce of your concentration to escape. With multiple beautiful levels, along with creepy music, this game is perfect to play on a dark and lonely night.

Download and install the game here.

3. Halloween Memory Game

Test the power of your memory with this special Halloween-themed memory game. The game comes with three difficulty levels and it will test your reaction speed and memory. Will you be able to remember it all?

Find out by downloading the app here.

4. Mahjong Spooky: Halloween

Play the classic Chinese game of skill, strategy, and luck. Turn over the tiles in this Halloween-themed game of Mahjong. Your aim is to find matching tiles by moving them around. It’s a game that will keep you engaged this Halloween.

Try the game now, by downloading here.

5. Halloween Spooky Night Match

Fix the broken things for the devils! There are broken parts everywhere, and you need to find the matching part to win. You’ll be in a dark and ghostly castle, so better keep your wits about you.

Download the game here.

6. Halloween Shooting Night

Shoot away all fear with this ghost-shooting game. All you need to do is aim and shoot at the ghosts as they come. Time to banish those fears of ghosts!

Download and shoot here.

7. Jewel Mania: Halloween

Enjoy the fun of Jewel Mania, the Halloween jewel matching game. Match 3 or more jewels and watch the fun.

Download and start playing by clicking here.

8. Hidden Object: Halloween House

Enter into the ominous-looking mansion, and find the hidden objects. You can compete for over 200 levels and earn coins to unlock more. Plus there are mini-games available that add to the fun.

Download and play here.

9. Bubble Mania: Halloween

The Evil Bubble Wizard is on the loose and it’s up to you to save the day. Play the bubble matching game, and take on the ghouls and ghosts. Match 3 or more bubbles to pop them away.

Start popping by downloading the game here.

10. Halloween Jungle Run

This Halloween, help the bone man become the best runner in the jungle. Collect pumpkins and avoid the holy water to reach the point of victory.

Download the app here.

To view the whole Halloween Special Apps collection, visit Indus App Bazaar.

And a very happy Halloween to you!

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