Celebrate International Men’s Day 2021

International Men’s Day - Indus

Explore the Most Popular Apps for Men

Men get a bad rap, and rightly so, for the many stories of exploitation, abuse, and domination. But thankfully there are good men too. There are men who make positive contributions to the community, to the workplace, and at home.

This International Men’s Day, we’ve curated a list of nine special apps that all you good men can enjoy and appreciate.

1. MensXP: Men’s Shopping App & Lifestyle Destination

MensXP is a shopping app that is specially designed for men. Whether you’re looking for men’s fashion, grooming, or wellness, you can find it all on MenXP. Moreover, items are shipped all over India with a 15-day hassle-free return window.

The app also provides tips on improving yourself and the latest trends. Keep an eye for the biggest discounts on all products.

To start shopping, download the app here.

2. Nykaa Man – Men’s Grooming Store

Nykaa Man offers products from over 800 brands. Their selection of products includes grooming, skincare, haircare, wellness, and many more. Nykaa Man is your one-stop solution to all your male grooming and wellness needs.

They also ship products that are 100% authentic all over India.

Download and start shopping by clicking here.

3. Man Matters – Digital Health Clinic For Men

The creators of Man Matters understand that each problem that men face need special care. Thus, Man Matters provides expert consultation for issues relating to hair loss, weight loss, sexual wellness, and more.

Book online consultation appointments and access advice from 75+ specialists. Doctors will create a personalised plan for your health concerns, and help monitor your wellness journey.

Download the app for free by clicking here.

4. Bumble – Dating & Make Friends

This is the day to make meaningful connections with others. WIth Bumble you could find a potential life partner or you could just stumble upon a kindred spirit who shares a lot in common with you.

The app comes in 3 modes: Date, BFF, and Bizz. The last mode (Bizz) is meant to expand your professional network.

You can find matches, chat with them and even get on a video call to know them better. Bumble also allows you to link your Spotify and Instagram accounts so that you find someone closer to your interests.

Start meeting people by downloading the app here.

5. Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores & News

They say that every man has a separate compartment in their brains for sports. If that is true, then the Cricbuzz app has a lot to offer to feed into that compartment.

With Cribuzz, you’ll have access to live commentary and scores of all the different cricket tournaments around the world. If you’re a domestic cricket buff, Cricbuzz has info on that too.

To satiate your desire for sports, download the app here.

6. Invest in Mutual Fund, SIP, US Stocks: Scripbox

Grow your wealth through Scipbox, and join over 6400 satisfied customers. Make goal-oriented investments that will help with retirement, child education, or just to create an emergency fund.

Scripbox helps you manage your portfolio and track all your investments. You can even learn more through its Resource Center.

Download the app here.

7. Macho – Man makeover app & Photo Editor for Men

Want to have a little fun with your selfies? Get the Macho app and try its various filters and edits to see how you look. You can sport a pair of trendy sunglasses, or add a full beard.

How would you look with six-pack abs? You can find it with the Macho makeover app.

Try it now for free by downloading here.

8. Inshorts – 60 words News Summary

Taking in all the breaking news has never been easier. With Inshorts, each story is presented concisely with only the facts. And you can read the original story with just a click.

The app also allows you to search across various topics and categories, and share them with your friends on social media.

Try the app by downloading here.

9. Workout for Men at Home, Weight Loss App for Men

Getting fit and healthy is not only about looking good. It’s also about taking care of your body, imrpoving mental health, and having more energy to be a blessing to others.

With the Workout for Men app, you can start your exercise from home using nothing but your body weight. No need for equipment or a coach. And the app is free.

Try the different exercises that target various parts of your body, and build your way through a lean and strong physique.

Download the app here.

Hope this list of apps help you and the other men in your life become better and healthier. Happy International Men’s Day!

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