Celebrate Holi 2022 Your Way With These 7 Amazing Apps

Holi with Amazing Apps

The festival of colors is here! After a subdued last two years (no thanks to a pesky virus), this year can prove to be a banger.

We want to help complement your Holi 2022 celebration with a few apps from Indus App Bazaar. And we’ve got an app to go with whatever way you choose to celebrate. Want to blast amazing music while playing Holi? Sure. Want to binge-watch a new show? Go ahead. Want to pamper your stomach? Absolutely!

Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of 7 apps to enjoy this Holi:

1. BookMyShow – Movies & Event Tickets, Stream Online

Who could imagine a time when you would be barred from entering a movie theatre? That actually happened to us, right? But not anymore (fingers crossed). With cinema halls opening up, even to full capacity, it’s time to enjoy a full movie experience this Holi.

For that, you can rely on BookMyShow to provide you with all the movie listings, and a way to book tickets quickly. Fancy any other kind of event? A sports match maybe? BookMyShow has that as well. You can even buy or rent movies from the app! So good!

Download the app by clicking here.

2. Gaana Music: Songs & Podcasts

We mentioned blasting music during your Holi celebrations. This is the app for that. With Gaana, you have access to songs in 16 different regional languages so you’ll definitely find your music no matter what part of India you hail from.

Apart from providing high-quality music, Gaana also has many podcasts you can listen to. With a subscription, you can get ad-free music and unlimited downloads.

Start listening by downloading the app here.

3. PhonePe: UPI, Recharge, Investment, Insurance

Psst…hey there, we would like to have a word with you. You’re enjoying the Holi celebrations, which is great. Also, have you thought about securing your future or growing your wealth? No? No problem! With PhonePe you can easily invest in the best mutual funds and get easy access to cheap insurance plans in a few taps.

What’s that? You want to pay your rent and repay some borrowed money? With PhonePe you can do that too!

Make your life easier with PhonPe. Download today by clicking here.

4. TripAdvisor: Plan & Book Trips

More people are traveling nowadays with things easing up. Of course, the rules have changed but you can still move around. So, if you’re planning a trip this Holi, you can check out TripAdvisor. It’s the best place to find reviews, guides, and pictures of any place you want to visit. Booking is also made easy on the app.

Since the community is heavily on TripAdvisor you can be sure of finding accurate information.

Download the app here.

5. Swiggy: Food Delivery & More

There are only two scenarios: you shouting at the top of your lungs asking your friends what they want to eat in a boisterous atmosphere or everyone knowing what they want to eat (we kid, there are more scenarios than this).

In any situation, Swiggy is ready to deliver the food you want right at your doorstep. With Swiggy Instamart, you can get little things like a Pepsi bottle delivered to you.

Enjoy a good meal this Holi by downloading Swiggy here.

6. Hotstar

If you want to spend your weekend watching an entire series, from start to finish, who are we to judge? That’s your way of celebrating Holi. Well, we’re just here to tell you that we’ve got the perfect app recommendation for that.

With Hostar, you can watch premium movies and TV shows, sports, and other channels too. This app has one of the best catalogs of regional content too.

Catch up on everything by downloading the app here.

7. MakeMyTrip: Travel Booking App

Have any last-minute travel plans this Holi? No problem. With the MakeMyTrip app, you can make travel arrangements of any kind right there. Whether it’s flights, cabs, buses, hotel stays, etc. you can find it all on MakeMyTrip.

Enjoy a wonderful vacation, that too, at low prices with MakeMyTrip.

Download the app here.

Found these helpful? Stay tuned for more such monthly lists.

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