Got the Latest Windows? Here Are the Best Android Apps to Run on Windows 11

Got the latest Windows? Here are the best android apps to run on Windows 12

App developers around the world were abuzz with excitement when Microsoft announced its decision to embrace fair and open app store principles. For app developers that meant a huge deal given how tight the app distribution space is.

For a user like you, however, Microsoft’s announcement means that you get to install Android apps on your Windows 11 device. Yipee!

So we’ve done you a favor and compiled a list of the best Android app to run on Windows 11.

Check it out here:

1. WhatsApp

The app that we want to delete but can’t is a good one on Windows. The newer versions allow you to send messages even if you’re phone isn’t connected to the internet, which was a pet peeve for many. 

Moreover, Meta is constantly updating WhatsApp’s features so you can expect them to arrive on your desktop app in the near future (?).

Having a WhatsApp for Desktop on your Windows 11 computer can prove really useful as it has for quite some time now.

2. Slack

Before you say “cut me some slack”, we want to say hold your horses and hear us out. What do you think is better? Having Slack opened on one of the million Google Chrome tabs or having a separate, dedicated desktop app.

Those who said separate desktop app, you the real MVP.

If your official communication with workmates is on Slack, then downloading this desktop version is highly recommended.

Slack is also updating its features regularly with Huddles getting recent additions. So getting this is a no-brainer.

3. Spotify

Seeing Spotify as the main sponsor on any football club’s kit, let alone Barcelona’s, was unimaginable a few years ago. But that’s what’s up with Spotify. At one point there were rumors saying that they were going to buy Arsenal FC!

This is just to show how much Spotify has grown and having the desktop app for Windows 11 will be a decent addition. You’ll have access to all the songs, the playlists, and your own playlists too.

Pretty soon we’ll get even audiobooks on Spotify.

So, Spotify is getting along well barring the apparent preferential treatment they’re getting from Google. It’s still one of the best Android apps to run on Windows 11.

4. Instagram

The app you want to delete…okay we already said that. Instagram is having an existential crisis. Which is why they’re moving toward being a video-first platform.

With that being their focus, Instagram is continuously updating its Reels and Stories features. Recently Instagram announced that Stories can be recorded and played for 60 straight seconds without any interruptions. They’re doing all this to compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

So, we’ll let you decide how you feel about the app nowadays. You can download and use it on your Windows 11 though, it’s decent.

5. Duolingo

The language learner app may have billions of memes made on it but there’s no denying how popular this app is. Plus this actually helps in learning a language.

The app helps you keep track of your learning, has a fun way to teach you, and has audio and video aids to help you learn.

So maybe having this desktop version of the app will be useful to you.

Best Android apps to run on Windows 11? Coming clean

The latest announcement from the makers of Windows 11 revealed that the Amazon Appstore is now coming to 31 new countries. But India was not on that list.

These two pieces of information are significant because one, you need the Amazon Appstore (not exactly, there are others ways) to run Android apps and that means you can’t do that yet in India.

But all of the previously mentioned apps are available on the Microsoft Store even if you still have Windows 10.

The app store experience on a Windows PC is still quite raw and needs a lot of polishing. However, the very fact that there’s an option to run Android apps on Windows 11 (at least in some countries) is huge because it promotes fairness and choice to developers and users. That’s something we at Indus OS believe in.

Promoting and protecting developer and user interests will always remain at the core of what we do.

Had enough of the pep talk? We get it. Go on and enjoy your favorite apps.

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