9 Navratri Special Apps

Navratri Special Apps

Nine auspicious days. Nine special apps for the occasion. You’ll find everything from ethnic wear to special bhajans. Amp up the festivities through these apps specially curated for you:

Here are the nine Navratri special apps available on Indus App Bazaar:



1. Myntra

The foremost thought in your mind is probably, “What should I wear?”. With each day needing a special outfit, there’s a high chance you’re scrambling to get your wardrobe sorted out.

That’s where Myntra comes in. No more fretting. All that you need for the celebrations is available on one app. Myntra provides a hassle-free shopping experience with fast delivery and at special prices.

Click here to download the app.


2. Navratri Special Songs

Treat yourself to the soothing tunes of Navratri. The app provides a list of 12 special Navratri songs. Now you have unlimited access to a set of devotional songs that you can play on repeat.

Download and listen away by clicking here.


3. Navratri Photo Frames

Indulge in the joy of sharing by sending customized photo frames of Navratri wishes. The features of the Navratri Photo Frame app include adding your personal photo with a special Navratri-themed frame. Send these to your loved ones and wish them a happy Navratri.

Start creating your photo frames by downloading the app here.


4. Navratri Vrat Katha

All the texts that stress the importance of the Navratri rituals are now available at your fingertips. With a clean and easy to navigate interface, you can now access the Navratri Vrat Katha with ease.

Download the app here.


5. Navratri GIF & Greetings Images Collection

Share your Navratri wishes in a fun and quirky way through GIFs and greeting cards. These high-quality animated GIFs and images will surely bring a smile to your family and friends.

Download the app here and start sharing.


6. Navratri Durga Mantra

The religious intonations and mantras for the nine-day celebrations can easily be accessed on the app. The Navratri Durga Mantra app allows you to play mantras on loop and set them as a ringtone. Plus it has colorful images that you can add as your wallpaper.

Download and listen by clicking here.


7. Navratri Garba – Gujarati Garba

The main event of the festival, everyone looks forward to the Garba dance. With the Navratri Garba app you can play the best Gujurati Garba songs and dance your heart away.

Check it out now by downloading the app here.


8. Navratri Bhajans Audio

Play the much-beloved bhajans using the Navratri Bhajans Audio app. Bhajans and devotionals songs are a regular fixture during the nine-day Navratri celebrations. You can set these bhajans as your ringtone or even your alarm.

Don’t miss out on the celebrations. Download the app here now.


9. Navratri Wishes 2021 with All Year Festival Wishes

Don’t miss out on sending wishes for Navratri 2021. The app has a host of images available for you to send to your near and dear ones. Moreover, you can use the same app to send wishes for any other festival that happens throughout the year. We must say, that’s convenient!

Download the app here.


For the complete collection, check out the Navratri Special Apps on Indus App Bazaar.


Hope this helps you enjoy your celebration! Happy Navratri!

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