4 Alternatives to Garena Free Fire: Download these Games from Indus App Bazaar

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The Indian government again banned several apps over security concerns. This time 54 apps got pink-slipped, including the popular Garena Free Fire. 

Since we know that you probably loved that game, we thought of doing you a favor and compiling a list of alternative games to Garena Free Fire, available right here on Indus App Bazaar. Wenn Sie einige aufregende Spiele genießen möchten, ohne sich um Sicherheitsbedenken sorgen zu müssen oder Ihr eigenes Geld zu riskieren, möchten Sie vielleicht auch die Casino-Welt erkunden und den neuesten Casino Bonus ohne Einzahlung neu.

1. Critical Ops Multiplayer FPS

The experience of playing a game like Critical Ops rivals that of global hit CSGO (for a mobile game at least). Like many first-person shooters, this one also depends on the fabled skill of hand-eye coordination, in other words, tactical know-how, and sharp reflexes.

There are no in-app purchases offered in the game unlike many famous titles, and thus there is no competitive advantage afforded to anyone (you can however pay money for credits to buy gun and glove skins).

There are various modes available that you can play with your social circle or you can go solo and rake up the points. This game should help you fill the void left by Free Fire.

To download Critical Ops Multiplayer FPS, click here.

2. Critical Strike Shoot Fire V2

There’s a visceral excitement you feel playing a game that puts you in the shoes of a commando soldier. Maybe it’s because you have the opportunity to save people. Who doesn’t love that, right?

Well, with Critical Strike Shoot Fire V2 you get to take up the mantle of a commando sniper and help stay the threat of terrorists. The graphics may need a bit of polishing but the game is an excellent first-person shooter (and it’s free).

The maps are spread and there are enough twists and turns to give the classic FPS fun.

To start playing, download Critical Strike Shoot Fire V2 here.

3. Special Forces Group 2

Playing a no-nonsense first-person shooter can provide much-needed catharsis. Just you and the boys (or gals) spread across the room or across the world killing each other in a make-believe world. Special Forces Group 2 promises to give you such pleasures.

The game’s maps are quite complex and that should add to the challenge. You can play online multiplayer games with your friends. The game modes are separated into 9 iterations. Some of them are Bomb Mode, Zombie Mode, Capture the Flag, etc.

To download Special Forces Group 2, click here.

4. FPS Critical Strike Mission

We end the list of Garena Free Fire alternatives with FPS Critical Strike Mission.

This game has all the classic elements of a first-person shooter. You should be able to enjoy the game over its multiple maps and levels. You are set in a team of soldiers, and you know, you gotta defeat the bad guys.

The game has decent graphics and smooth controls, and it won’t eat up a lot of your phone’s memory.

To download FPS Critical Strike Mission, click here.

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