Attribution Integration Manual – Branch

You can use this manual to start tracking app installations through Indus App Bazaar using Branch Platform. Branch is mobile linking and attribution platform which provides solutions that unify user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels.

To integrate Branch SDK within you app, Please follow following link :

Set-up Attribution with Indus OS :

  • Marketer’s Tasks – Creating the Tracking Link for ‘SamsungGalaxyStore IndusAppBazaar’ and Adding ‘SamsungGalaxyStore IndusAppBazaar’ as an agency on the Branch Dashboard
  1. Go to Branch dashboard -> Ads -> Partner Management
    Add ‘Indus OS’ in ‘Ad Partners’. To do the same select Indus OS and then click on “Save & Enable” button.
  2. Once Indus OS is enabled as an Ad Partner, select Indus OS under Ad Partners list and then click on “Create SamsungGalaxyStore IndusAppBazaar link” button. Select ‘App Install or Engagement’ under ‘App Only’ and continue.
  3. Configure options for Tracking link as shown in following screenshots: Put ‘AppBazaar Campaign’ as name of your link. Select ‘SamsungGalaxyStore IndusAppBazaar’ as Ad Partner. And then, click ‘Configure Options’.
  4. You can choose your own ‘alias’ to insert in link. Go to the Redirects tab and under both iOS & Android drop down, choose Web URL and enter in the text box. Then click on ‘Save’ button.
  5. Copy “Click Tracking Ad Link” and click on ‘Close’ button to proceed. We would call this link as the tracking link. Please share this link with Indus App Bazaar team.
  6. Add ‘SamsungGalaxyStore IndusAppBazaar’ as an Agency:
    1. Go to Account Settings on Branch dashboard and click on the Agencies tab.
    2. On the Agencies tab, click the Add New Agency button.
    3. In the Add New Agency modal:
    – Select ‘SamsungGalaxyStore IndusAppBazaar’ from the drop-down.
    – Select ‘Full Read’ level of access.
    – Make sure you select the ‘only show agency-tagged data‘ .
    – Click “Invite”