Advertisers Document for Indus Network

Advertisers Document for Indus Network

We have integration with following attribution platforms along with our Publisher IDs:

  1. Appsflyer – indusnetwork_int
  2. Branch –  Indus Network


Here is the procedure for each of the attribution platforms so as to integrate with Indus Network

1. Appsflyer

Advertisers will have to go to the Appsflyer dashboard and do the following:

– Search ‘Indus Network’ on the partner page.

– Activate it as a partner.

– Go to the ‘Permissions’ tab and enable ad network permissions.

– Create an ‘Attribution Link’ for this partner name and share it with Indus Network team.

2. Branch

Advertisers will have to go to the Branch dashboard and do the following.

– Go to Ads -> Partner Management

– Add ‘Indus Network’ in ‘Ad Partners’ and then click on the “Save & Enable” button.

– Please click ‘Create Ad Link’ and share the URL with us

– Go to the Account Settings on the ‘Branch’ dashboard and click on the Agencies tab.

– On the Agencies tab, click the Add New Agency button.

– Select ‘Indus Network’ from the drop-down.

– Choose ‘View’ Permission for ‘Link-Level Settings’ , ‘Channel-Level Settings’ , ‘App-Level Settings’ and ‘Aggregate Data’

– Choose ‘Edit’ Permission for  ‘Link-Level Settings’ and ‘Channel-Level Settings’

– Enable ‘Only show data from specific ad networks’ and select ‘Indus Network’ from the drop-down list.

– Click “Invite”